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Retail investors have a hard time making profitable investments on the stock market. This is largely due to the overload of information available online, which prompts decision fatigue and limits the attention span of retail investors.

In comparison, institutional investors have the right data and information at their fingertips to make informed investment decisions. They have access to a plethora of different data, such as sentiment analysis on specific stocks, or geospatial data - all in an effort to anticipate the movement of the stock market.
How do you use Wisdm?
Why use Wisdm?


Our mission is to level the playing field and democratize the stock market.

Wisdm aims to provide retail investors with the same data and information as institutional investors. We do this by giving retail investors the insight of a market overview through aggregated data from social media sources, digital news outlets, business documents, and much more - all in one app.


Wisdm processes a vast amount of unstructured data in real-time through machine learning, thus alleviating the problem of information overload, decision fatigue, and bad investment decisions.

All of this information is consolidated into a single dashboard that shows the summary of market trends, tendencies and potential movements.

The best part? You don't have to do anything - Just let the Wisdm of the crowd do all the work.
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