What is wisdm?

Wisdm is an app that helps new investors enter the investment market by utilizing the social media platforms that they already use. At wisdm, we alleviate the pain of having to cross-check multiple platforms such as print media, digital news outlets, and traditional social media platforms, and provide a summarized and digestible market overview in one App. We showcase the wisdom of the crowd all in one place, allowing the retail investor to invest based on sentiment and income, and therefore including as many new retail investors as possible.

Why did we develop it?

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, all of us were affected. Not only did it turn everything upside down in our everyday lives, but it also changed the mindset and money behavior among many. We collectively could not travel at the same capacity as we perhaps used to do, some lost their jobs, and some ended up quitting their jobs to pursue other paths altogether. This led many to question the status quo in the search for meaning, freedom, and flexibility.

​This change in everyday life and money mindset led large portions of the population to prioritize their disposable income differently, prioritize health and mental health more than ever, and find new ways to earn an additional income.

Why wisdm?

Two years into the pandemic and we have now seen the great resignation globally and with that the birth of a new generation of investors. These investors are diverse, hungry, and are coming from non-traditional backgrounds. These new investors are seeking information on how to invest and how to build wealth, short term and long term, and they need our help. We believe investing is, and can be for everyone. With Wisdm, the investment market can be accessible and comprehensive for even the newest investors and help them forge their new path.

Meet The Team

Mick Kalle Mickelborg

Founder & CEO

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Ingrid Liltorp

Founder & COO

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Dennis Le


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